Thursday, July 22, 2010

Made it to the Baby Home!

Jambo! Helllllloooo from Mwanza!

I made it to the baby home and am so happy here. Before I get started, I only have about 10 minutes to write everything in this blog post, so I apologize. The internet here is sooo slow.

Cacey and I made it to Nairobi from Zurich after having an amazing two week vacation in Switzerland and Italy. We are all so thankful for Nadia and her family for accomodating our huge group (Mom, Dad, me, Cacey, Cody, Jarred, Kevin, and Justen [two of Jarred and my friends]). We saw Rhine Falls and swam in the Rhine River, jumped off rope swings into the river, hang glided, skydived, bungy jumped, river rafted, canyoned, ate fondue, went for walks, and just had an unforgettable time. Jarred and I then went to Rome and Venice and it was OMG so awesome. We fell in love with everything about both Rome and Venice. I wish I could write more about it, but I'm running out of time! (maybe I'll write more later).

So, we went back to Zurich and then Cacey and I said our goodbyes and headed to Nairobi. Cacey's friends who live in Kenya and Tanzania met us at the airport and arranged a hotel for me in Nairobi. Cacey's friends are really nice and I know will care for her well.

I made it to the baby home the next day and as soon as I stepped off the plane, I knew I was "home." My heart has been aching for the last two years to be back here and I finally made it. It's funny, you know how smells bring back memories? Well, when I got my first whif of African air I was flooded with all the happy memories of my time here two years ago. Wanna know what the smell was? Burning trash. Haha! I totally forgot that there is a consistent smell of burning trash here. Kinda funny that something so...well gross really...can make me feel so happy!

Ahh! Two minutes!

So the babies are TO DIE FOR. They are just beautiful. I feel so lucky that the only thing I have to worry about for the next 5 months is keeping 55 babies happy and healthy. I wish I could upload pics to this, but the internet is way too slow. You can see some on the website

I better submit this before time runs out. I'm happy and healthy too here! Please don't worry about me. I am living my dream. I still can't belive it.

Love you all.


  1. So darlin', when you come back home, we will burn garbage whenever you get lonesome for Africa! lol how funny. Glad you make it ok, and are back with your babies! I keep checking the forever angels web site too. luv you....Gram.

  2. Awww so happy you had a glorious Europe trip and now in your happy place! I wish so bad I was with you! Love you xoxo

  3. It sounds like you guys had an amazing time in Switzerland! I'm so glad that you feel right back at home inAfrica! I felt that way when I returned last summer as well. Enjoy every minute with those babies and love them like nobody's business! I wish I could just jump on a plane to come join you! Stay safe and healthy, and I look forward to reading your future posts! It makes me feel like I am there with you. :)

    Much love!